Raise Your Voice And Be A Light

  • Jobst Bittner
Our memory of the Holocaust fades quickly. Once again, day after day Jews are forced to face fear, violence, and intimidation. Antisemitism and Jew hatred exist in almost every country, in every city worldwide. It is not enough to say Never Again to the Holocaust, if we want to prevent Jew hatred from turning violent and antisemitic defamation from spreading. Once again we have the choice to become passive accessories and incur guilt through our silence just like our forefathers.

If you break your silence, you raise your voice and become light! This book continues the thoughts of the book Breaking the Veil of Silence. It will touch you personally, inspire, and help you to make a difference with very practical steps.

About the Author:
Jobst Bittner, initiator of the March of Life movement, is a Theologian M.A. as well as pastor and founder of TOS Church in Tübingen, he has established ministries and churches in eleven countries all over the world. In 2007, he organized the first March of Life, together with the children and the grandchildren of Nazis, breaking the silence concerning the deeds of their ancestors. His ground-breaking book Breaking the Veil of Silence became a bestseller and has been published in seven different languages. The March of Life movement has spread to more than 20 nations and over 350 cities. He has motivated thousands to raise their voices for remembrance and reconciliation, for Israel and against modern anti-Semitism. Jobst Bittner is married and has two children.

What others have to say:
Keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive will remain a permanent duty of any German government. This is true for the past, and it will remain so in future. For the future, we will have to come up with new concepts in order to prevent antisemitic incidents.
The March of Life is a tremendous initiative doing its very valuable part. I wish every city had an event like this. (Dr. Felix Klein, Antisemitism Commissioner of the German Federal Government)
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Jobst Bittner

Jobst und Charlotte Bittner sind Gründer und Leiter der TOS. Als junges Ehepaar kamen sie nach Tübingen und bauten dort über die Jahre hinweg die Arbeit der TOS auf. Jobst Bittner studierte an der Universität von Tübingen Theologie. Charlotte ist Historikerin mit einem M.A. in Alte Geschichte. Gemeinsam haben sie zwei Söhne und leben in der Nähe von Tübingen.


Bittner, Jobst
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