Gift Pack (3-CD)

Gift Pack (3-CD)

Say It/The Lost Get Found/Gold

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The pop-rock artist Britt Nicole burst onto the Christian music scene with her debut release 'Say It' seven years ago. The finely crafted pop collection produced 3 Top 10 radio singles, including 'Set The World On Fire'. Her breakthrough sophomore release, 'The Lost Get Found', debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums Charts and produced another 3 Top 10 radio singles ('The Lost Get Found', 'Walk On The Water' and 'Hanging On'). Her 3rd album, Gold, is her best-selling album to date and produced her first Top 40 radio hit, 'Gold.' The song went on to become Britt Nicole's first RIAA certified Gold single.

Whether delivering a soulful ballad or a beat-soaked dance track, Britt strikes a stunning balance between vulnerability and self-assurance. Not only evidence of her gift for crafting intensely relatable lyrics, that emotional complexity is a testament to her strength and honesty as a songwriter. 'I write songs to myself', Britt shares. 'It's always great to see them connect with other people who need to be reminded that worth doesn't come from having all the right things or from success - it's about being who you are'.

This 3-cd gift pack contains 3 of her best albums: 'Say it' (2007), 'The Lost Get Found' (2007) and 'Gold' (2012).

Track Listing:

Say It
1. Holiday
2. Believe
3. Set The World On Fire
4. Sunshine Girl
5. Ready
6. You
7. When She Cries
8. Good Day
9. Don't Worry Now
10. Say It
11. World That Breaks

The Lost Get Found
1. The Lost Get Found
2. How We Roll
3. Safe
4. Hanging On
5. Headphones
6. Welcome to the Show
7. Walk On The Water
8. Glow
9. Like A Star
10. Feel The Light
11. Have Your Way

1. Gold
2. All This Time
3. Look Like Love
4. Who You Say You Are
5. Ready or Not
6. Breakthrough
7. Stand
8. The Sun Is Rising
9. Amazing Life
10. Still That Girl
11. Seeing For The First Time
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