I Remember (CD)

I Remember (CD)

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A violin CD with readings from the Psalms.

This CD was created as a gift, to bring healing to the hearts of Holocaust survivors. Soak in God's presence and let him bring healing to your heart too.

Ruth says, "Recorded in Israel 'I Remember' is my new CD that I created especially as a gift for the Holocaust Survivors that I play for here in Israel, and for all those that I will not have the opportunity to play for. I wanted to be able to give the gift of music and through that music, bring the comfort that only God Himself can bring to a broken heart. During my time here in Israel, I play for survivors in small groups, or in their homes, and because of that, I am often able to play over each person individually. The music that God gives to me to play at that moment is often very unique for each person. But, I play, and then sadly, the music is gone. I find myself asking, "How can I play something that will remain with these dear people, who have suffered so much, and carry the pain of their past constantly in their hearts and minds."

"That is when the idea came to me to create a recording that is especially for them. The music is a combination of totally spontaneous melodies, sometimes played on the violin alone, and sometimes with keyboard and the addition of some verses from the Psalms, read by Gil Pentzak, Jewish Orthodox Israeli. The CD concludes with a song that I wrote especially for survivors of the Holocaust. This song, 'In the Silence' finishes with the words "I cannot forget. I cannot forget my people Israel."

"During my time here in Israel, I have been volunteering with an organisation called 'Abundant Hope International'. This is a small organisation with a big heart that is not so much focused on providing 'things' (although I would love to be able to do that more) but is about giving love and friendship, through visits, through caring conversation and helping with everyday concerns. This CD fits so much with the heart of what AHI is doing."

"I very much hope that this CD will 'pay its own way' and actually create even more provision to pass onto AHI, through the gifts of those of you who believe in the vision."

Track Listing:

1. Arise
2. Psalm 131
3. Waiting
4. Shalom Aleichem
5. Memories
6. Psalm 139
7. Rest
8. Ose Shalom
9. Safe
10. Childhood
11. Pslam 56
12. Beyond
13. Psalm 23
14. Joy
15. In the Silence
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einfühlsam und gesalbt

Ruth Fazal hat eine spezielle Art durch ihr Instrument das Innere des Menschen anzusprechen. Ich finde auf dieser CD liegt eine Salbung, wer sich darauf einlässt kann Trost empfangen. Die CD eignet sich sicher gut zum Verschenken an Holocaust-Überlebende.
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