Yesterday: A Decade of Favorites (CD)

Yesterday: A Decade of Favorites (CD)

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Experience some of Jeff & Sheri Easter's most requested hits from the past decade with this collection of songs including 'Hear My Heart,' 'I Know How It Feels to Survive' and their GMA DOVE Award-winning single 'Born to Climb.' Whether taking care of aging loved ones, watching their children grow or experiencing a battle with cancer, Jeff & Sheri's lives have been lived out in song. Their messages of hope and triumph combine with their unmistakable country style of Gospel music to create these hit selections that have been life-changing for both them and their audiences.

Track Listing:

1. A Little Bit of Sunshine
2. Come See Me
3. Hear My Heart
4. I Need You More Today
5. Over and Over
6. Livin' in the Rain
7. Born to Climb
8. I Know How It Feels to Survive
9. I Get To
10. Life Is Great & Getting' Better
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  • Abmessung: 125 x 142 x 11 mm


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