Who Is This Vol.2 - Songs Of Intimate Worship (CD)

Who Is This Vol.2 - Songs Of Intimate Worship (CD)

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Recorded live at 'Coming Up From The Wilderness 2000'. In May 2000, a unique gathering took place in Oakville, Canada. Invitations were sent by Ruth Fazal to come and spend 3 days puring out all our love on Jesus. 'Coming Up From The Wilderness' was a time entirely focussed on Him. There was exuberant praise, awesome worship and times of sweet intimacy with Jesus, as we were overwhelmed by His love and His beauty. At Ruth's invitation, Graham Cooke traveled from Southampton U.K., and Gary Wiens from Kansas City U.S.A. to bring both teaching and a prophetic voice to the event. All of this flowed in the context of the worship. This CD presents the songs of celebration and majesty from this gathering. This second volume contains quieter, more reflective songs; the first volume contains more upbeat music.

Track Listing:

1. When I Look Into Your Face
2. Come To Me
3. Fresh Oil
4. I Will Gaze
5. Such Love As This
6. Too Much Light
7. I Am A Jealous God
8. Who Is This? Vol. 2
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