The Third Gift: Story, Song & Spirit (CD)

The Third Gift: Story, Song & Spirit (CD)

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Optimistic the first single from "The 3rd Gift: Story Song and Spirit" the Sounds of Blackness' latest CD is a great song that is all about hanging in there and knowing that tomorrow holds promise. Before you know it you will be singing along! "Optimistic" is a "Sounds" signature song. However this is a new rendition of a familiar song. Without a doubt this CD has wonderful music. Quite often CDs have music that we would call "fillers" but that does not apply in this case. There are 14 songs including spirituals and the classic song "God Bless the Child." The one common thread is the songs are about hope love and peace. We are all in need of this positive message and the Sounds of Blackness delivers! If you are a "Sounds of Blackness" fan you must add this to your collection. In the spirit of giving let "The 3rd Gift" be the one gift that says a New Year is dawning!

Track Listing:
01. Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
02. Optimistic
03. God Is Love
04. Audacity of Hope (We Are One)
05. Healing
06. Path of Healing The
07. God Bless the Child
08. Legacy
09. Certainly Lord
10. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel/Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
11. Swing Low Street Chariot
12. Steal Away
13. Great Gettin' Up Mornin'
14. Harambee
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