The Story Of Your Life (CD+ DVD)

The Story Of Your Life (CD+ DVD)

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Songwriters are known to be an introspective breed whose personal experiences shape their music and over the years Matthew West has definitely plumbed the depths of his soul for sweet inspiration. Yet on his new album West looked to his audience to provide grist for his creative mill. The result is The Story of Your Life a spectacular body of work that tackles a diverse array of real life subject matter and finds West exploring tender territory rarely tapped in contemporary pop music. “I know how to write songs about my life my experiences and my journey my faith and my love ” West says. “Yet along comes an idea for a record called ‘Story of Your Life’ and instead of writing what I know and writing songs about my life the idea is to turn the microphone around to the people who listen to my music. I wanted them to send me their stories.” In a way his new Sparrow Records album seems to be a natural follow up to West’s previous release Something to Say which spawned the GRAMMY ® nominated 14 No. 1 radio hit “The Motions.” “A lot of times the world will make people feel disqualified or not valuable or not talented enough just to keep them quiet so that they could just slide by in life without really ever making the impact that they are meant to make in the world ” West relates. “So that was the message of the last album---‘you’ve got something to say!’ Before recording this record I was praying about it ‘what does this record need to be about?’ and I felt like this was on my heart---‘okay you told them they had something to say now let them say it.’” On the Special Edition there are 4 bonus tracts and an DVD with Video's and other extra's.

Track Listing:
01. The Story of Your Life
02. My Own Little World
03. Strong Enough
04. Family Tree
05. To Me
06. One Less
07. Two Houses
08. Survivors
09. Broken Girl
10. The Reason For the World
11. The Healing Has Begun
12. Hold You Up Bonus Track
13. My Own Little World Bonus Track / Acoustic / Version
14. One Less Bonus Track / Acoustic / Version
15. The Reason For the World Bonus Track / Acoustic / Version

Disc 2
01. Save a Place For Me Bonus Track / Video
02. The Motions Bonus Track / Video
03. Bonus Material Bonus Track

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