The Power Of Right Believing

The Power Of Right Believing

7 Keys To Freedom From Fear, Guilt, And Addiction
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Believing the right things is what makes the difference between those who live a life of victory, security, and success and those who don't. But so many of us believe wrong things and are thus trapped in a vicious cycle of emotional and behavioral defeat. In THE POWER OF RIGHT BELIEVING, Joseph Prince shows you how to let go of the lies you tell yourself and find the strength to break free from the crippling grip of all that has held you back-a power that comes when you:

* Believe in God's love for you
* Learn to see what God sees
* Receive God's complete forgiveness
* Win the battle in your mind
* Be transformed by renewing your mind
* Have a confident expectation of good
* Find rest in the Father's love

Forget about merely dealing with the symptoms-the fears, guilt, worry, anxiety, and addictions. They are simply the results of thoughts whose origin is in false beliefs, not in what is going on around you in your environment. THE POWER OF RIGHT BELIEVING gets to the root of the problem by helping you gain control of the way you feel and act. God intends for you to live with joy overflowing, peace that surpasses understanding, and an unshakeable confidence in what He has done for you. Start claiming these blessings today!
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