Road To The Cross (Leinengemälde)

Road To The Cross (Leinengemälde)

Canvas Print 25x25cm

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In this powerful collection, Brian Jekel masterfully captures in a penetrating way the simplicity, the beauty, and the ministry of Jesus. Each of the paintings in this series reveals the excellence of the work, the power of its imagery, and brings glory to the master, Jesus Christ.

Product Details:
- Canvas Size: 25 x 25 x 2,5 cm

Additional Information:
A gallery-wrapped canvas is a canvas that doesn't have any visible staples or nails holding the fabric to the wooden stretcher. The edges of the canvas are also painted and the item is meant to be hung unframed.
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  • ISBN/EAN: 0081983343544
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  • Erschienen/Erfasst: 05-05-2010
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  • Auflage: 1.
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  • Lieferant: Dayspring
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  • Versandgewicht: 403 g
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  • Abmessung: 258 x 260 x 28 mm

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