Proclaim the Word of God (E-Book)

Proclaim the Word of God (E-Book)

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Handbook for Overcomers
You are called to be salt and light in this world! But one or two bible verses in the morning will not be enough to transform you into a victorious Christian. Therefore, learn to trust your God in any situation of life. Get to know His word and believe everything He says.
This handbook is not a theological textbook on the subject of proclamation. It was written out of practical experience and is intended as a practical manual. It is for Christians who want to choose to live by the Word of God alone. It is not meant as a book that you simply read through once, but as a book you can work with. It is a book you can actively use whenever you need it. It has also proved very useful in discipleship.
We are praying, that this handbook helps you to develop a lifestyle of praying and proclaiming the Word of God, both in your personal life as well as in your family, neighborhood, city and nation.
The handbook deals with a variety of many different themes, such as:
• The gift of righteousness triumphs over condemnation
• Your identity in Christ
• Freedom from anger, weakness and anxiety
• The Lord, your Refuge, your Comfort and Protection
• Receive healing through the Word of God
• The names of God
• Prayers from the bible for individuals and nations
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