HangUp Smartphone holder - Stainless Steel

HangUp Smartphone holder - Stainless Steel

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The HangUp Smartphone holder is a unique phone hanging system for your car, suitable for all smartphones.
It is simple and easy to attach to the vent in only 2 second.
No suction cup is used, so no sight obstruction at all.
The holder doesn't scratch and fits practically all vent with horizontal lamella.

Combine the HangUp with special HangUp Chunk accessories: Use the HangUp chunk holder to personalize your holder. Take 3 chunks along with you by using the keyring with chunkholder. That way you can easialy adapt to your current state of mind.

Please click chunk serie above to see all available chunk accessories.
  • Artikel-Nr. 80103265
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  • ISBN/EAN: 8717953095626
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  • Erschienen/Erfasst: 30-04-2014
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  • Auflage: 1.
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  • Sprache: Englisch
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  • Lieferant: Asaph B.V. NL
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  • Abmessung: 69 x 167 x 25 mm


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