HCSB Study Bible

HCSB Study Bible

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At its core the HSCB Study Bible is about one thing: deepening your knowledge and understanding of God's Word. But there are a number of ways this unique Bible supports that paramount goal including 15 0 study notes 290 Hebrew and Greek word studies 66 highly detailed book introductions 62 maps 27 topical articles 20 charts and 18 illustrations all focusing on the most important topics and questions in Bible study.

About the HCSB Translation
The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is the work of one hundred men and women representing 17 different denominations and reflecting the very best in updated Bible translation scholarship. You will notice the attention to both accuracy and readability—how greater word precision makes for a tighter translation that clarifies the meaning from verse to verse. Above all each contributor involved honors the Bible as God's inspired and inerrant Word. And that's why the text of Scripture itself is the uppermost feature throughout the pages of the HCSB Study Bible.


290 word studies
Four-color presentation pages
141 photographs
Two-column text setting
62 timelines
Two-piece gift box (non-hardcover)
59 maps
One-year Bible reading plan
24 articles
Center column references
16 illustrations/reconstructions
Topical subheads
15 charts
Black letter text
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