Did you know? - Bible Trivia

Did you know? - Bible Trivia

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With a variety of questions from easy to challenging, the Bible Trivia perpetual calendar offers an opportunity to search Scripture and uncover interesting facts. Be blessed each day as you learn more about the Bible, from classic Bible stories to little known facts. With something for the whole family, this fun calendar makes a great gift for any occasion!

Did You Know?
365 Days of Bible Trivia

Sample Copy:
July 2
Q. Where was Jesus when a woman anointed His head with costly ointment carried in an alabaster jar?
A. In Bethany, sitting at the table in the home of Simon the leper. (Matthew 26:6-7, Mark 14:3)

October 27
Q. Who are described as being like "waterless springs and mists driven by a storm?"
A. False teachers. (2 Peter 2:17)

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