Children are a gift from the Lord - Picture Frame

Children are a gift from the Lord - Picture Frame

Bilderrahmen - Really Wooly Baby
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What a joy to share in the celebration of a new baby with these precious Really Woolly Christian baby gifts. Bless someone with this sweet baby gift frame in a soft color palette that will go with any nursery decor.

The scripture, Children are a gift from the Lord adorns this creamy colored frame.

The designed packaging is adorned with this lovely blessing:

A Blessing for Baby

Little One, the Lord loves you so...
He'll be with you as you grow.
May He bless you in every way...
as you follow Him each day.
And may He keep you in His sight,
from the morning...
through the night.

Children are a gift from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3 ICB

Frame Size: 215 x 178 mm
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  • Abmessung: 200 x 232 x 124 mm

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