3 Album Collection (3-CD)

3 Album Collection (3-CD)

I Do Believe/God Is Good/Reunited

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This special 3-CD collection contains some of the most requested songs from the legendary, award-winning Gaither Vocal Band. Featuring six-time GRAMMY Award winner Bill Gaither alongside a number of line-ups that look like a "who's who of Christian music," this all-male group has headlined one of the largest Christian music tours for years and has redefined "quartet singing" with its hit songs and stirring arrangements. Now you can enjoy three of this group's benchmark recordings simultaneously with this newly-offered set that includes "The Love Of God," "Let Freedom Ring," "He Touched Me," "The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor," "I Bowed On My Knees," "Loving God, Loving Each Other" and many more classics.

I Do Believe
God Is Good

Track Listing:

I Do Believe
1. He's Watching Me
2. Hide Thou Me
3. Where The River Flows
4. Where No One Stands Alone
5. Oh, What A Time
6. I Do Believe
7. More Than Ever
8. On The Authority
9. The Love Of God
10. Steel On Steel
11. Make It Real
12. Sinner Saved By Grace
13. One Good Song
14. Something To Say

God is Good
1. God Is Good All The Time
2. I Heard It First On The Radio
3. Whenever We Agree Together
4. Child, You're Forgiven
5. Good, Good News
6. Let Freedom Ring
7. He Came Down To My Level
8. Satisfied
9. Mercy
10. He Touched Me
11. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
12. The Star Spangled Banner

1. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary
2. It Is Finished
3. Loving God, Loving Each Other
4. He Touched Me
5. Because He Lives
6. I'm Free
7. I Am Loved
8. The King Is Coming
9. Sinner Saved By Grace
10. Worthy The Lamb
11. The Church Triumphant
12. These Are They
13. There's Something About That Name (Live Version)
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